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These Are the Skilled Laborer Jobs YOU Should be Applying For!

November 4, 2022 | Career Blog

Skilled laborers are in high demand right now. If you are highly trained or have extensive experience in a particular area, you can find exceptional jobs in your area.

Countless skilled laborer jobs could fit your training and experience, including positions in manufacturing, supply chain logistics, construction, and more industries.

Because there are so many options, you can select a fantastic job that suits your training, individual skills or experience, and interests.

7 Skilled Laborer Jobs to Consider

Take a look at our list of in-demand positions to consider.

1. Certified Forklift Operator – median U.S. salary of $31,600/year.

One of the most well-known labor jobs is a certified forklift operator. Forklift operators must have the proper training and certifications to operate heavy machinery safely. A skilled laborer in this position will help to load and unload goods or products and will work to keep the warehouse neat and organized.

You may be asked to move heavy items to create a more efficient workflow or make products fit. Many certified forklift operators also work with other warehouse staff to manage a proper inventory and ensure that all products and goods are accounted for.

  • Keep the warehouse organized by moving or stacking products or other items.
  • Manage and organize the inventory.
  • Aid in sending shipments or receiving deliveries

2. Warehouse Clerk – median U.S. salary of $35,000/year.

One of the most exciting skilled labor positions is a warehouse clerk. A warehouse clerk performs a variety of tasks to aid co-workers, create an efficient workflow, and keep the warehouse clean and organized.

Because skilled warehouse clerks have so many tasks they can perform, there is always something to do, and a busy schedule helps the workday fly by. Warehouse clerks are often asked to coordinate with other workers, help with shipping and receiving, or maintain an up-to-date inventory.

  • Work with other warehouse employees to complete tasks efficiently.
  • Help with shipments and deliveries by preparing packages or organizing incoming goods.
  • Maintain correct inventory levels.

3. CNC Operator – median U.S. salary of $46,800/year.

A CNC operator (computer numerical control) is a specialized technician who runs the CNC machine. CNC machines are programmed machines that tell other tools or machines in a warehouse or factory what to do, so CNC operators are often in charge of overseeing product production, order fulfillment, or shipments.

A CNC operator’s job responsibilities also include ensuring that the CNC machine and the connected machines are working properly. Operators must load the machines with raw materials for product production, and if something breaks, CNC operators are often tasked with troubleshooting or fixing the CNC machine or its components.

  • Oversee the CNC machine and ensure it is running properly.
  • Load materials for production.
  • Troubleshoot problems, calibrate the machinery, and keep the machine clean and in working order.
  • Ensure final products are up to company standards.

4. Quality Control Technician – median U.S. salary of $37,000/year.

Quality control technicians are responsible for ensuring that final products meet or exceed company standards. These technicians will work with other employees on the job site during every step of the manufacturing process.

Many technicians inspect raw materials, work with the manufacturers to develop better practices or products, and test the final product. Quality control technicians also record and analyze their findings. These findings are then used to implement safer or more efficient work strategies.

  • Inspect raw materials for flaws.
  • Inspect and test finished products to ensure they meet company standards.
  • Work with staff to utilize test findings and develop new production methods.

5. Assembler – median U.S. salary of $31,000/year.

Working as an assembler allows laborers to gain new skills on the job. Assemblers are often people with creative minds who enjoy working with their hands.

In this role, you may be tasked with putting together products or machines and aiding in the fabrication and repair of products. Assemblers must follow assembly instructions carefully, work efficiently, and maintain safety and quality standards. It’s also crucial that assemblers keep their work area organized and clean.

  • Assemble or repair products or machines.
  • Aid in the fabrication of products.
  • Maintain proper safety, quality, and cleanliness standards.

6. Welder – median U.S. salary of $47,000/year.

Proper welding requires skill, experience, and expert training, so professional welders are some of the most in-demand skilled laborers. Welders often create, assemble, or repair metal fixtures or components.

Welders must also have the correct certifications for operating heavy machinery, and they must operate machinery while maintaining safety standards. Many welders also review production plans so they can make suggestions about how to optimize efficiency or safety.

  • Gain certifications to operate heavy machinery.
  • Maintain safety standards.
  • Using welding techniques to create, assemble, or fix metal machines or items.
  • Review production plans and work with manufacturers to create a safer, more efficient workflow.

7. X-Ray Technician – median U.S. salary of $61,900/year.

Although an x-ray technician isn’t generally considered an industrial laborer, the position is still a skilled labor job, as it requires extensive training, hands-on experience, and a keen eye. X-ray technicians use special radiologic equipment to create images of the body, which are then used to diagnose medical conditions.

Technicians must follow strict regulations to ensure that the x-rays are performed properly and to maintain the safety of both the technician and the patient. Many x-ray technicians will also help doctors diagnose patients.

  • Explain procedures to patients and make the x-ray experience as stress-free as possible.
  • Produce quality x-rays while maintaining safety standards.
  • Work with doctors to diagnose medical ailments or injuries.

Find a Skilled Labor Job Near You!

If you have skills in a specific industry or are looking to add specific experience to your resume, now is a great time to apply for a skilled labor job. These positions offer competitive pay and are an excellent way to put your talents and training to good use.

Working with a staffing agency such as Allegiance Staffing can also help streamline your job search. Check out the Jobs Board to find positions in your area or contact our staffing agency to find more information about available skilled labor jobs near you.