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Top 6 Warehouse Jobs that Hire Felons

July 20, 2021 | Career Blog

Typically, employers that have many jobs to fill have become way more flexible about hiring felons. Yes, this originally was because they were having difficulty filling all of their openings, but that’s not the only reason.

Specifically for warehouse jobs, employers are open to hiring felons because they usually get some training that fits with the job requirements while in prison. Felons also tend to be more committed to keeping their jobs. Warehouses have many different departments with multiple positions, so this industry is always looking for people. Keep reading for six examples of warehouse jobs that hire felons and how to apply.

Jobs for Felons

The warehouse industry is a great place to find work because there is a job for everyone. No matter your past, job experience, or specific set of skills, there is a job that you will be able to do. Even better, there are a lot of ways to quickly rise the ranks!

Many warehouse managers and specialists start out in entry-level positions and find themselves promoted after gaining experience and proving their abilities. Even as an ex-felon, this is a possibility for you. Some warehouse jobs felons can be hired for are:

1. Picker Packer

Average salary: $29,270 per year


  • Load and unload trucks carrying materials
  • Receive, record, label, and sort materials
  • Prepare products for dispatch

2. Hand Laborer and Material Mover

Average salary: $30,490 per year


  • Transport materials and products manually from one location to another
  • Package products according to company standards
  • Log all materials moved by date and location
  • Clean and maintain equipment and workspace

3. Inventory Clerk

Average salary: $31,170 per year


  • Keep and maintain records of all items that have been shipped, received, or transferred to another location
  • Locate, sort, or transport goods to different parts of the business
  • Put together reports on any changes or updates in production or inventory
  • Check and confirm inventory amounts and accuracy

4. Customer Service Representative

Average salary: $35,830 per year


  • Answer phones, answering customer questions, and transferring calls to the appropriate person
  • Check emails and sort mail
  • Maintenance of work area
  • Assist with label printing and product shipments
  • Receive payments and handle returns
  • Assist with unloading and loading trucks
  • Provide customers support when needed, ensuring their concerns are addressed, and the appropriate people are communicated to

5. Maintenance Technician

Average salary: $40,850


  • Assemble and fix all machinery and equipment in the warehouse
  • Replace light switches, outlets, and circuit breakers as needed
  • Perform inspections, find problems, and determine solutions
  • Routinely test machinery and keep track of performance quality
  • General cleaning and upkeep of the building and property
  • Order supplies as needed

6. Production Line Supervisor

Average salary: $66,800


  • Plan the production schedule
  • Interview, hire, and train production team
  • Assign production tasks to the team
  • Collect data and generate reports that detail success and setbacks in production
  • Troubleshoot issues
  • Review processes and identify areas that need improvement
  • Ensure company policies and processes are being adhered to
  • Make sure the team stays on task
  • Keep production downtime to a minimum

Getting Hired in the Warehouse

Finding the jobs you want to apply to is just the first step. As a felon applying for a job, you must know the best way to navigate your situation. It is tempting to lie or make up excuses for your past, but the best thing to do is be professionally forthcoming. Though having a felony record raises a red flag, you don’t want to give your potential employer any other reasons to question your dependability. Be transparent about your situation if they ask, but also make it clear that you are committed to working hard and turning things around.

It also helps a lot to be prepared with some good answers to the toughest possible questions. Writing down your answers beforehand will help you avoid getting caught off guard. Some examples of questions to prepare for are:

What was the conviction for?

How long have you had a criminal record?

Why do you want this job? 

How We Help You Find a Warehouse Job

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