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7 Reasons You Should Outsource Staffing

March 7, 2022 | Staffing Blog

HR leaders across the country are stressed out. The constant wave of change and disruption has created many unique issues that have made it difficult to take care of the basics of managing people to supports the needs of your business. Just take a look at these stats published by Paychex in their Pulse of HR Report:

  • 98% of HR leaders say the pandemic has transformed their role.
  • 70% say this era has been one of the most challenging periods of their career.

In this era, it’s easy to lose sight of basic employee productivity issues that could be negatively impacting the business. That’s why businesses should consider the opportunity to outsource staffing to elevate their workforce.

Working with a strategic labor partner such as Allegiance Staffing, can save time and money, while making sure your company is on the right path to post-pandemic success.

The Signs It’s Time to Outsource Staffing

Consider these common signs that it’s time to outsource staffing so that you can regain control of your workforce.

1. Employee Costs Are Rising

Are you seeing an increase in labor costs due to constantly having to hire, onboard, train, offboard, re-hire, and re-train? Or, are your hidden employment costs on the rise?

If your employee costs are out of control, then it’s time to consider outsourced services to ensure that you have the right people in the right spot to do the job.

2. Unplanned Overtime

Unscheduled overtime is a short-term solution to a long-term issue. If your people constantly have to work overtime to get the job done, that means a few things.

  • You don’t have the appropriate full-time staff for each shift.
  • You don’t have enough qualified workers for each critical role.
  • You don’t have enough dependable people to get the job done.
  • The rising employee costs are impacting your ability to hire more staff.

Unplanned overtime needs to be addressed before it becomes a larger issue eating into your profitability. Consider outsourcing staffing to help you create the right staffing mix for each shift.

3. Unnecessary Headcount

On the flipside of unplanned overtime, you might have too many workers! If workers are spending much of their shift standing around waiting to perform their tasks, you don’t have the right mix of employees for the work to be done.

You can work with a staffing agency to help you identify the ideal talent roster that matches available hours with the work to be done, helping you find the sweet spot of being productive without incurring unwanted overtime.

4. Dwindling Productivity

Another sign that you need to consider outsourcing is when productivity declines. There could be any number of reasons why productivity is not where it needs to be:

  • Your people are not properly trained on how to perform their duties.
  • The wrong people are in the wrong role, creating inefficiencies and re-work.
  • Your people are not working well together in their assigned roles.
  • You don’t have enough people to share the workload.

If this is a clear issue for your company, then try to identify the root cause of unproductivity. See how having the right labor solution can help you reverse this trend to increase the productivity of your labor force.

5. Unmotivated Workforce

One of the reasons why productivity could be on the decline is an unmotivated workforce. Consider some of the common reasons why employees lose motivation:

  • They are overworked and underpaid.
  • They are frustrated with management and/or co-workers.
  • They do not feel valued by the company.
  • There is a lack of communication.
  • They do not feel equipped to perform their duties.
  • They see other employees slacking off or not performing at a high level.

Look for signs that your workforce is not motivated. See what could be causing the issue. Then, consider introducing new talent through temporary staffing that could help fill gaps and reinvigorate the workforce.

6. Rising Safety Incidents

Are you dealing with more and more safety issues? The cost of safety incidents can quickly add up, not just from incurring fines but also from lost productivity due to workers being unavailable if they incur injuries.

If you have OSHA on speed dial, then it’s time to consider introducing well-trained, safety-minded individuals who can adhere to safety policies and procedures in your company. Utilizing a staffing company to fill key roles can help reduce the cost of safety incidents.

7. Not Competitive in the Market

The impact of the issues we covered can have additional ramifications. Rising costs, dwindling profits, and an unproductive workforce can all lead to a loss of competitiveness in the market.

When this happens, you can’t offer the best pay rates to prospective talent, you gain a poor reputation in the market, and competitors in your market have the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. You don’t have to let this happen, though!

You can regain control of your workforce by outsourcing your hiring needs so that you can achieve competitiveness in the market. Just check out these success stories of how we have helped companies in your position.

Work With Allegiance Staffing to Elevate Your Operating Reality

Allegiance Staffing can provide you with a cost-effective, high-quality labor solution that will address each critical area of your labor force. We’ll elevate your operating reality by eliminating unnecessary headcount, turnover, and safety incidents.

You need access to motivated, high-quality workers with the right skillset and work ethic to get the job done. Through our award-winning approach to temporary staffing, you will gain access to the right people when you need them.

We’ll help you reduce turnover, unplanned overtime, and headcount to drive your labor costs down and your profits up. We are here for every stressed-out HR leader that is looking for a helping hand!

Contact Allegiance Staffing today to discuss a solution for your workforce. Now is the time to outsource staffing so that you can support your workforce!