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Expert Tips for Applying for a Job at a Staffing Agency

December 29, 2020 | Career Blog

So, you have found the seasoned job seeker’s secret weapon: staffing agencies!

Congratulations on making this discovery. You may not be fully aware yet, but it’s amazing how much those who are looking for work can benefit from the services a staffing agency provides. Whether you’re currently out of work or just looking for an additional way to make some dough, you probably don’t want to pay to find work. No worries, you don’t have to, it’s actually free for you. Let us break it down for you: keep reading to learn staffing agency basics along with some tips for applying for a job through a company like Allegiance.

Staffing Agency Overview

A lot of people think staffing agencies only help people find temporary secretarial or office type work. Actually, agencies cover a wide span of industries. At Allegiance Staffing, we serve a total of 6 industries:

  • Warehouse
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Clerical

Within each of these industries lies opportunities for basic part-time work, or a gateway to a lifelong career. Staffing agencies tailor the interviews they send you on to your specific goals and life situation. The options you will have are as follows:

  • Temporary Work. Companies tend to hire temporary workers if one of their full-time employees is going on leave or if they anticipate a temporary peak in business. The warehouse industry often hires per project, yet there are continuous projects that need skilled workers, and that’s why they find success hiring through staffing agencies. Temporary work may be appealing to you if you need more flexibility and time in between jobs, or if you are just looking to make a little extra money.
  • Temp to Hire Work. These positions begin as temporary, but have the possibility of turning into permanent work. Some companies like to do this to give the employee a tryout of sorts. If the employee ends up feeling like a good fit, they will pay the staffing agency a fee and hire the person on full-time. This is also nice for employees because it gives them the chance to feel out the job, with the option to return to the staffing agency to try something different if it doesn’t feel right.
  • Permanent Work. Full-time work is also provided by staffing agencies. In this type of situation, the agency will act more like a recruiter. They will find, interview, and select candidates that the company may be interested in, passing along their information so the company can then interview them themselves.

Interviewing Tips

An additional perk that comes with working with a staffing agency is that they want you to land the job. However, interviewing as a staffing agency employee has some unique factors. Here are 5 interviewing tips to always keep in mind when working with a staffing agency:

1. Do Your Research. Make sure you know what the company does, what makes them unique, and why you are interested in working for them. Even if they don’t ask you these questions directly, it will help you have a good discussion with them about the opportunity. No employer wants to feel like you’re just in it for the money. Your staffing agency will give you important information as well, but they will also want to feel sure that you are spending time on your own getting prepared and that you are making the most of the opportunity.
2. Dress Professionally. No matter what position you’re applying for, you want to present your best self to your potential employer. Doing so shows that you care and that you have respect for the job and the people interviewing you.
3. Know What You Want. Don’t just rely on the staffing agency to tell you what you should be applying for. Your agency will need an idea of your goals and aspirations so they can send you in a direction where you will find the most success.
4. Communicate With Your Agency. If you end up in a position that isn’t going well, keep your agency in the loop. It’s possible that the fit just isn’t right, and that’s ok! Don’t wait for the manager overseeing you to say something misleading to your agency first. Your agency is your employer, and they will appreciate you prioritizing your relationship with them.
5. Remember You Are Representing the Agency. If you are taking temporary positions, it’s still important to work hard for those companies. You represent your staffing agency and the agency depends on you as the employee to demonstrate why companies should continue to use their staffing services.

Getting Started

What you have read here are just the basics, but we can help you plan for your interviews so you feel confident and are set up for success. With over 20 years of staffing experience and locations all over the US, we are available to you for any and all staffing needs. Give us a call today to learn more!