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How to Prevent Another Toilet Paper Supply Chain Crisis

We have learned a lot from the COVID-19 outbreak. Supply chains specifically have taken some major blows due to the public’s panic and resulting behavior. Though an increase in demand would normally be embraced, these extreme jumps simply are not manageable and have given supply chain business owners much to consider in preparation for the […]

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How to Hire Staff for a Small Business

When it comes to hiring staff for a small business, it’s important that each person you bring on is top-notch. Small businesses depend on their staff to carry a lot of the company’s success, and one week link can do a lot of damage. If you are trying to figure out the best way to […]

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The Pandemic Had a Positive Impact on Supply Chain Innovation

It’s true that the pandemic has presented many challenges for businesses worldwide, and those in the supply chain are not excluded from that strain. When the initial shock of COVID-19 first hit, most reacted with the hope that things wouldn’t get worse. Now that it’s clear that the end isn’t happening anytime soon, the supply […]

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Want to Hire the Right Employee? Avoid These 7 Hiring Mistakes

Finding strong employees to add to your team is a complex task. You need to know where to post your job listing(s), develop a compelling way to engage with talent, set aside time to review applications and coordinate interviews, and ensure that you are communicating and following up with preferred candidates. Then, after all that […]

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Do You Have These Metrics in Your Supply Chain Dashboard?

The supply chain is your business’ backbone. It supports your company by ensuring that the delivery of product to customers is efficient and consistent, and that you’re providing top-notch service to your customer base. As a result, if your supply chain set-up is lacking, it could have a negative effect on your company’s ability to […]

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5 Smart Ways to Get Better Employees

A challenge that all business owners and managers consistently face is finding good employees that last. Don’t beat yourself up about it if you need help finding ways to get better employees, as the staffing process is not simple. You have to rely on your instincts trying to find honest and trustworthy employees, not to […]

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Supply chain professional utilizing rfid tag to register an item.

3 Innovative Ways to Utilize RFID in the Supply Chain

RFID (radio frequency identification) is an incredibly valuable and innovative tool for the supply chain. RFID is a way to read information from a tag attached to an object through radio waves. The system uses the tag and reader to translate the radio waves into electronic data. You don’t need to be close up to […]

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When Should I Hire Additional Employees?

Knowing when to bring on additional employees is a battle all business owners face. Getting busy is great, especially because that means more profit for you. However, it also means that your staff is having to work extra hard. This can result in them being overworked, which can ultimately affect the quality of service you […]

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8 Lean Operating Strategies for An Efficient Supply Chain

Before lean supply chain management was implemented, manufacturing businesses would stock up on a lot of supplies so they could get better prices on materials. So, they ordered everything in bulk and let that inventory sit there until they needed to pull it. Most companies no longer do this, and instead, they have begun lean […]

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Why is a Safety Plan Important In the Supply Chain?

The supply chain that you run is composed of contracts that allow you to use specific services and/or provide them to your customer base. This process is something that needs close monitoring, as oversights can happen, but need to be controlled or the product you are sourcing will be negatively affected. Not only that, without […]

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